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Creepshow 2
Download: Creepshow 2 (151K zipped D64)


Code: T.M.R and Zyron
Graphics: Creeper
Music: Zyron and Hein Design
Released: 24th October 2004
Released by: Onslaught

The original work for this graphics collection was done back in 1995 by Creeper and he intended it to be his final C64 production - however, he didn't get any time to finish it so, nine years down the line, it gets passed to me to write the main code...! [Note to self; find a better bloody hiding place so that Jazzcat can't find you! =-]

The intro music is by Zyron and the rest is all Creeper's work apart some debugging, patching and tidying up of the code performed by yours truly. The main collection code is all my own work however, and it features an exclusive tune by Hein Holt (there's something i never expected to write!) and a selection of Creeper's FLI and IFLI pictures that were either intended for the original release in 1995 or specially selected by the man himself for this final version which was released at the X'2004 party.

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