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"There are certainly some things that you can do on the Moon that you can't do anywhere else. For example, if you wanted to study the Moon itself then it's obviously the place to do it."

Richard Baker 
5 Byte FX
Download: 5 Byte FX (249B zipped PRG)


Code: T.M.R
Released: 25th July 2002

This really is an effect in five bytes (with two extra for the PRG file's header). It loads and starts with a BASIC run command, so it's legitimately an "intro" as well. It may be shyte, but was still the shortest piece of shyte to date when it was released on Pouet. Since then it's been bettered properly only once by WhiteFlame and his 4 byte version is in the archive here too. Mine looks nicer, though! =-)

It would have taken three more bytes (bloody hell!) to do the border as well, which was deemed too inefficient. The file manages to be run-able without a BASIC startline by loading it's code over CHRGET in the zeropage; once that's altered any BASIC command causes it to be executed so there's a zero byte overhead. Sneaky, eh?

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