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"Was it the Tooth Fairy? Or, hey, maybe it was Santa! Let's face it, anyone who employs slave gangs of midgets in a Nordic sweatshop and only works one night a year must be well dodgy."

Cochrane Chambers 


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This little Doctor Who meeting at the Museum Of the Moving Image (MOMI for short) was organised on rec.arts.drwho to coincide with the show's anniversary, the 23rd of November, but due to the rather vague nature of my memory, i honestly wasn't sure which year this lot were taken but, after a little "research", a quick scan of Google Groups says it was 1996... so i'll take their word for it! Why did we go to MOMI? Because they had a Doctor Who exhibition, of course!

MOMI Gathering 1

MOMI Gathering 2

MOMI Gathering 3

MOMI Gathering 4

MOMI Gathering 5

MOMI Gathering 6

MOMI Gathering 7

MOMI Gathering 8

MOMI Gathering 9

MOMI Gathering 10

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