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"Personally, I think it's a triffic idea, and would like to announce that any manufacturers of fine fountain pens who want to get plugged in the text of the next novel should just drop me a line. And a sample fountain pen or two. Also people selling small south sea islands - I will happily plug your south sea island sales company in my next novel in exchange for a small island of my own."

Neil Gaiman 


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During the summer of 2003, Sue, Claire, Hannah, Matty and i jumped on a coach and piled down to see my parents in Kent. The seaside shots were taken during a day out we at Margate beach along with my niece Chloe.

Kent 2003 1

Kent 2003 2

Kent 2003 3

Kent 2003 4

Kent 2003 5

Kent 2003 6

Kent 2003 7

Kent 2003 8

Kent 2003 9

Kent 2003 10

Kent 2003 11

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