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Written by T.M.R of Cosine

So now, the end is near... The end of the year that is, the C64 is still going in it's bloody minded way. 1996 has seen some upsurges in the fortunes of our beloved machine, with new games and demos being released fairly frequently. As an old C64 hand (of some eleven years standing, or at least sitting) I can still remember being told, way back in 1989, that the C64 was dead, but so far I've yet to see any of those people get the nails to stay in the coffin lid...

So, what have been the highlights and lowlights of 1996? Well, for me the up moments really have to include "Follow the Sign 3" by Byterapers. It's only the 75% version but it still has to be in my favourites list for this year. Another worthy mention has to go to "Kresetology", another amazing moment in C64 demo history and the return of the Crest team to the grindstone as well.

Another good thing has to be the NTSC 4K Compo. Okay, so one of the guys who entered (me) writing about a competition in the magazine that supported it is possibly a little biased, but the turnout was fantastic, a massive seventeen entries with a very high standard as well, highly encouraging for the NTSC scene and C64 users as a whole! And the more recent Two Block Compo can't help but push things on as well.

I think, for me at least, the only downs this year have to be how few demos there have been actually released (what with two parties canceled unexpectedly) and the ongoing confusion over the details as to who, if indeed anyone, has the rights to the C64 hardware and if they actually intend to do anything with them. The thought that someone like CMD could build new machines but can't get the paperwork to do so is a little annoying to say the least...

I think if anyone wants to make me a late chrimble gift, I'd be perfectly happy with the rights to the C64 and the full version of F.T.S. 3, please!

This article originally appeared in issue 19 of Driven.