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"I work for an investment bank. I have dealt with code written by stock exchanges. I have seen how the computer systems that store your money are run. If I ever make a fortune, I will store it in gold bullion under my bed."

Matthew Crosby 

Welcome to T.M.R's Workstation, the "online residence" of me, fairly commonly known as T.M.R, sometimes as The Magic Roundabout, Jason, " oy, git face!" and assorted other titles which are probably far too rude to be repeated in polite company. Or any other kind of company for that matter. This page is the latest three installments from my blog and, for the more masochistic amongst you who feel the need, click here to read the remaining drivel.

 [ The results are in ] posted 2014-06-27T13:39:19Z 

The results of the Kaz Kompo 2013 came out yesterday where Atari 8-bit fans could vote on their favourite games that were released in 2013 (Callisto came third for 2012) . There were eighty two entries in total and the top three didn’t come as a major surprise because Assembloids, Death Chase XE and The [&#... [more]

 [ Won’t let the sun go down ] posted 2014-06-22T09:24:41Z 

Sundown 2014 took place this weekend and I sent along three bits of code to be released under the newly-resurrected Slipstream banner. One was just a pretty music player for a tune by Bex on the Atari 8-bit… …which ended up in the demo competition, whilst the other was How Does This Work Again?, a [&#... [more]

 [ How Co-Axis works – part 2 ] posted 2014-06-14T13:15:57Z 

Continuing where we left off previously with the meandering through Co-Axis, there are a worryingly large number of references and homages in there to document. So lets pootle level by level through the entire game to cover as much as I can remember over a quarter of a century on. Level 0 – Here Goes [&#... [more]

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