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"Success is the happy feeling you get between the time you do something and the time you tell a woman what you did."

Scott Adams 

Welcome to T.M.R's Workstation, the "online residence" of me, fairly commonly known as T.M.R, sometimes as The Magic Roundabout, Jason, " oy, git face!" and assorted other titles which are probably far too rude to be repeated in polite company. Or any other kind of company for that matter. This page is the latest three installments from my blog and, for the more masochistic amongst you who feel the need, click here to read the remaining drivel.

 [ Another day, another intro ] posted 2014-12-22T13:36:37Z 

It’s nearly that time of year again so, before I start thinking about hiding places around the house to hibernate in until January, here’s another intro for Laxity’s competition over at the CSDb. It’s called Oldstyle because I was going for a 1980s “vibe” and in particular the “tons of rasters and FLD” look, but [&#... [more]

 [ A quick introduction ] posted 2014-11-17T00:07:14Z 

There hasn’t been much to say for a month apparently, in fact I was gone long enough for the web server to demand a reboot so it could check for updates! Never mind, there’s been a bit of activity at the Cosine website with the release of Macro Sleep, an intro for the second Intro [&#... [more]

 [ Accosting cosplayers in Manchester ] posted 2014-10-14T00:22:02Z 

So last Friday saw Spencer and I piling worrying quantities of computer equipment into his surprisingly spacious Mazda and wandering over to Event City in Manchester for the Play Expo. Once there we unloaded and I started making things up planning the layout for the weekend and setting up the Oldschool Gaming computers. Things didn’t [&#... [more]

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