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"I am a driving god!"

Richard Hammond 

Welcome to T.M.R's Workstation, the "online residence" of me, fairly commonly known as T.M.R, sometimes as The Magic Roundabout, Jason, " oy, git face!" and assorted other titles which are probably far too rude to be repeated in polite company. Or any other kind of company for that matter. This page is the latest three installments from my blog and, for the more masochistic amongst you who feel the need, click here to read the remaining drivel.

 [ Year equals year plus one ] posted 2015-01-11T17:00:55Z 

Now the New Year celebrations have been properly dealt with and recovered from, there’s only a mention of the little release I coded on the Atari 8-bit for the New Years Disk 2015. It’s called Inc Year (and yes, I do need to apologise for the rather desperate “joke” title but it was christened one [&#... [more]

 [ And intro makes three ] posted 2014-12-27T15:38:27Z 

A wild intro for the Intro Creation Competition appears. This one is called Spotified because… well, it has spots in it! The effect is achieved by hammering the hell out of the ghostbyte, which is the last byte of the current video bank (so $3FFF here since the intro uses the lowest bank) which appears [&#... [more]

 [ Another day, another intro ] posted 2014-12-22T13:36:37Z 

It’s nearly that time of year again so, before I start thinking about hiding places around the house to hibernate in until January, here’s another intro for Laxity’s competition over at the CSDb. It’s called Oldstyle because I was going for a 1980s “vibe” and in particular the “tons of rasters and FLD” look, but [&#... [more]

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