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"OK, the only reason I'm not smiting you is because I'm really tired and have to study for a test tomorrow."

Claire Bickell 

Welcome to T.M.R's Workstation, the "online residence" of me, fairly commonly known as T.M.R, sometimes as The Magic Roundabout, Jason, " oy, git face!" and assorted other titles which are probably far too rude to be repeated in polite company. Or any other kind of company for that matter. This page is the latest three installments from my blog and, for the more masochistic amongst you who feel the need, click here to read the remaining drivel.

 [ Just a quickie (fnarr, fnarr) ] posted 2014-03-17T18:13:34Z 

There were two new Cosine demos released over the weekend for the Atari 8-bit. The first was 15 Shades Of Grey which won the Atari 8-bit demo competition at Forever. It runs in a couple of the 80 by 192 pixel modes, sticks to just using the greyscales and, perhaps unsurprisingly considering the name, has [&#... [more]

 [ That syncing feeling ] posted 2014-02-15T18:25:20Z 

I’ve been in something of an “odd mood” recently, so no game coding or indeed blogging since early January; I’d like to apologise to my fans (both of them) for the lack of updates but life has been getting in the way somewhat… and I may have been dabbling with demo code during that time [&#... [more]

 [ Out with the old ] posted 2014-01-04T22:33:22Z 

Happy new year and all that. We had a quiet Christmas which was mostly about watching all of the Die Hard films (well, the first two are set at Christmas!) and an assortment of specials on the telly, but I did find time to work on the forthcoming 64K version of Vallation which should hopefully [&#... [more]

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